An Enduring Grace : expanded

The Motherland Calls, Clearing Storm, Volgograd
Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia
Transfiguration Cathedral and Tower, Kizhi Island, Russia
Thje Grand Cascade, Peterhof
St. Isaacs Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia
Chesme Church, St. Petersburg, Russia
GUM Department Store, Moscow, Russia
City of Vyborg Panorama, Russia
Icebreaker Angara, Irkutsk, Siberia Tower, Cathedral, and Church, Kizhi Island, Russia
Victory Monument, St. Petersburg, Russia
Naval Cathedral, Kronstadt, Russia
St. Andrei's Church, Kiev, Ukraine
Military History Museum, Ekaterinburg, Russia
St Michael's Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine
Motherland Statue, Kiev, Ukraine
Kremlin Wall, Moscow, Russia